Do your hear the call of the Goddess?

It’s not the way of the world currently, but once upon a time, women were highly regarded for the goddesses that they are. They held prominent positions, I mean even Queen Cleopatra ruled Egypt. All the ancient worlds had female gods to work alongside their male counterparts. And we must also reference the many queens that ruled Africa and the Amazon too!


But there was a tipping point, the world began a patriarchal regime and women are seeking out their place in the world, somewhere that lands them as equals. And while many have taken to protesting, to violence, to other radical measures that are reflective of the masculine behaviour. Perhaps, it is time for women to step into the femininity. Their Goddess energy that calls to them. To remember that our nurturing nature could serve as a conduit for healing when we interact with anyone we choose. Picture the power of that. Holding a safe space for others to unfold their layers , right down to their very core and be vulnerable in that space to accept healing is an incredibly powerful trait of the feminine. 


As a woman in her pure feminine energy, imagine offering unconditional love and endless support to rebuild those who feel fragmented and doubt their ability or capacity to excel at the dreams they hold so dear to their hearts. Cracking open to the very corre, each of these souls, to rediscover their path through this Goddess energy is our greatest offering to the planet. We clammed shut and became so hard and found that we were butting heads on our path, where we couldn’t help ourselves let alone others. 


Let’s explore a new path to encompass this goddess energy to elevate us all and see the change for us and those we love so dearly. A domino effect of goddess energy by embodying she that already exists within.