Am I done with building my foundations?

I feel like I’m sitting on the precipice of something beyond my wildest dreams. I mean I had a similar feeling for the last 8-10years although, finally it feels a little different this time around. Having completed a vast variety of studies from accounting to life coaching and real estate, who would have thought where life would lead me. 


Something triggered me into change or to seek out a change. I remember questioning life in a very deep way, wondering what more there was than the facades upheld by everyone around. I was curious was at the very core of us. The pull of such curiosity helped me trail down a very quick path to realise we accumulate so much crap that weighs us down, invited in more fears than I realised and created immense doubt about my ability to be the light I now know I am. 


So I pulled at every thread, and it was like I had stuffed a closet to the brim and slammed the door shut and when the door opened, it came stumbling out. Fell right at my feet to sort through, deal with and reprogram what no longer served me. It’s been the longest foundation laying exercise I’ve ever done but I finally arrived at that place where the bulk of the work is complete and ready to propel forward together with the timing of destiny. It’s been very challenging to hold hope that it will work out, wavering from my heart, but now I trust that I’ve finally arrived, finally aligned with who I am at the core and am the clearest I’ve been. Ready to propel into what’s destined for me to service this world and my wildest dreams come true !