When the Storm Finally Settles

It can be challenging to see clearly when you in the middle of a shit show. When you feel overwhelmed by every area of life, and it’s coming in hard, without a moment of reprieve. You’re being overloaded beyond your belief. It’s all-consuming and sucks you of any ounce to even have a focused thought on how to manage it all and how tomorrow could even look, to combat it all.


Are you familiar with this feeling? When you have no idea what you next do, and spiral down, sometimes even collapse to the floor,, crying. And not just to cry, but to wail out every emotion and thought and the weight of it all, in no anticipation, without hope. But just because you want it all released from your body and reaching your ends wit. 


Once you’ve poured it all out of your body, your face is puffy, your eyes are glazed over, you feel like you have nothing more inside you to give. In that very moment of relief, finally you can hear some guidance because you unclogged yourself. You’ve accepted where you are and just wanting to know that one single step that you now need to take to shift it all. The silver lining after the storm that just hit you.