Connecting with Spirit: Unveiling the Magic of Automatic Writing

I remember when someone first explained automatic writing to me. They convinced me it was a great way to connect with spirit and with the guidance I was seeking. It was a way to hold a conversation with my own guidance team with an intermediary or middle person to channel the information. It was a way to connect myself directly with my guides, to open up in a vulnerable state that I didn't have to share with anyone else.

It sounded like a strange experience, and I have to admit that I was sceptical that it would actually work. I mean, would I actually hear someone talking back to me as I asked the questions that burning in me?

Ultimately, yes !

I was offered advice on how to go about the process. To sit with a paper and pen, call in my guides, God, angels to keep me protected and guide me through the questions I had about my life. It was incredible. I mean the words didn’t make sense at first, and it took a couple moments for the flow to come in. But I needed to trust what I was hearing. I didn’t pass judgement on it even though I was confused. I would sort through the confusion after the session. But as time continued for the next 30-45 mins, I had insights that were different to how I had originally perceived and provided me my insights.  

Here are the steps I took to engage in the automatic wiring process:

  1. Before I put pen to paper, I take a few deep breaths in and release them to free the tension from my body and allow the guidance to come through more clearly.
  2. I set my intention for this automatic writing session to outline what I'm hoping to gain.
  3. I to write out my question and let my pen write what what I was hearing (it can be received differently for us all).
  4. Don't judge what is coming through, or interrupt the process. Continue writing.
  5. Ask all your burning questions, even if they are follow up from the last questions, until you feel you are satisfied with your guidance.
  6. Close the session by thanking your guidance team.
It took a few sessions to get into my groove, to trust the words I was hearing, and the flow out onto the paper. You just need to trust your guides, or whoever you’re seeking guidance from. Be patient. Be open and at peace In your body. And if you need a recommendation on how-to, I recommend reading Conversations with God Book 1.