The Trilogy of Truth

I remember sitting on a flight to Melbourne for work at 6am out of Sydney. A full flight of 180 passengers who were half asleep, and yet, they are my thriving hours of the day. 

I was seated besides this gentleman who we made up stories for 90% of the flight, talking about garbage, irrelevant topics that had zero impact on our lives but left us in hysterics. But as the announcement was made that we were descending into the city, our conversation turned serious and he was the first stranger I explained my theory to about how to pick out liars , be them intentional or not. 


My theory determine whether you are being told the truth comes in the form of this very equation:  


Action + words + intention = Truth



Let me expand this out. 


Example #1 

You could be in a meeting for work. Your supplier could explain they can provide you with a solution to your problem. They have every intention of doing so. But they haven’t followed up with an email or phone call, and have not delivered and a truth of their promise is unfulfilled. 


Example #2 

You could be speaking to this new guy. He took you out on the date. He said all the right words that makes you think there’s a second date on the cards for you guys. But something doesn’t feel right. And perhaps he doesn’t intend to follow through but offered you the right words and actions to make you feel that way. There’s a mis-truth because his heart, intention or energy doesn’t match to his words and actions. 


Ultimately, all three parts of the equation must exist for it to be true. Whatever “it” is. Words, actions, intention/energy given must be of equal value, because without the trilogy, the truth is misconstrued, hidden or swept under the rug.