The Sun's Gift: How Sunshine Illuminates Our Hearts and Souls

Have you noticed how naturally happy you feel when you see the sun is peaking through your window, even before you rise out of bed and think how great a day it’s going to be? And as the day passes it feels so comforting and inviting while being outdoors and feeling the warmth against your face and skin.

When we don’t see the sun for a day, it feels miserable, dark and lifeless. It alters our moods and levels of happiness. 

The sun has an incredible power and offers us the great gift of life. Do you notice too, when you sit under the sun's rays for 10 minutes or so, the light illuminates our hearts and souls. It demands we focus on all the sensations it offers us and assists in shelving our thoughts seem to disappear. Do you also notice how grateful you feel in that moment?

Like the ocean, the sun has the ability to expel the crap that we accumulate in the day, week or month to leave us feeling free again and recalibrated within our bodies. Even without taking direct action towards healing or traditional meditation, sitting with our eyes closed offers us reprieve of the chaos and recentres us back into our bodies, just as we’re designed to be?

Take the time in day to have your time with the sun, our natural healer. Offer it your heaviness, in exchange for light, an exposer of the truth, and a guide to your next steps on your path. What is natural is designed for us to enjoy and keep us travelling the direction to shine our greatest light onto this earth.