The Reality is….There is no white knight

We have been conditioned to dream the fairytale that a white knight is coming to rescue us, to sweep us off our feet and provide us the life we’ve dreamt of. 

The perfect man will appear at the right time to provide it all for us. He will be tall, dark and handsome with the right job, immaculate hair and sparkling teeth. 


Such a white knight isn’t arriving. Not as the picture painted above. 

I mean, why is someone coming to rescue us? What situation calls for this rescue?

And what is the perfect man?

Are we waiting idling, waiting for this moment to present itself in front of us?


The harsh reality is that we need to be our own white knight. We are not to be dependent on others to save us or rescue us from our problems. It absolves us of control to pave our own destiny and reliant on someone else to dedicate time to shape it for us. 


But we are capable. We are visionaries. We can rise through our strength and prove to ourselves that it is possible to create on our own, or if we so require, with assistance to help us reach our goals and be Mr Sandman sprinkling the dust over ourselves to bring our dreams into reality. On our own accord, with discipline, dedication and obsession because we believe we deserve to see it all from idea to formation. 

Be your own white knight, riding that unicorn through the dreamy dust and into the reality your forged!