FIX Embracing Change: How I Rekindled My Passion for Writing

You know when you’ve felt like you know where you’re destined to be, or what you what to do in life or your greatest passions, and something seems to sit between you both? I can’t tell you how many road blocks I’ve experienced in the last 12 years to create this very thing that I’m now able to share with you all. 


My words have been the thing I’ve clung to since 16 years old. I remember writing dark poetry to process my emotions because I never spoke or confided in anyone. So I had this book of poetry hidden and let it all flow out and it was my coping mechanism. I felt so much from a young age, so deeply too, and I found it really challenging to work through it all. I would experience very dark lows or the polar opposite, the highest of highs. I never understood the middle. The extremes was what I knew and perhaps now I can reflect back on it and attribute a part of it to being empathetic and picking up on everyone’s emotions. 


I digress. 


From my connection with words, to wanting to help people, be a paediatrician, to life coaching and NLP, I’ve travelled through a vast array of career choices and still being pulled back to my words. I know they help people when I’ve shared them. I’ve been so grateful that they flow effortlessly. But until now, I’ve had no idea how to package them and share them in a way that assist a wider audience. I have no idea how it’s going to work out, but a lot of paths that I’ve taken over that 12 years, while they seem like road blocks at the beginning, seemed to have taught me something and reunited me with my passion for writing. So I’ve taken a new path even though it bothers me that I still don’t understand my direction here, I’m going to see the words onto a screen and share the wisdom and trust that destiny is guiding me once I take that leap of faith in me.