Beach Therapy: Harnessing the Ocean's Unique Healing Abilities

The healing abilities of the ocean are unique and unreplicable. The ocean spans the globe as a massive mass of water, that carries ships to lengthy destinations, cargo between countries, transports food, oil and our retail needs. The water also houses some of the most mystical sea creatures known to man. And let’s not forget how incredible a sunrise or sunset captures us, rendering us speechless when it is witnessed across then horizon of the sea. 

There is nothing more enchanting! (although, I may hold bias as a water baby) 

So when I feel lost, helpless or simply in search of peace and serenity within me, I naturally head down to the beach. I set my towel on the sand, and with a coffee in hand, I seem to forget all about the heavy presence of all that has consumed me. I stare out at the sea, tuning my ears to the sounds of the waves crashing. If it is a calm and gentle morning, I allow my breathing to fall into its rhythm and immediately seek the serenity I was in search of.

As I finally reach a state of tranquility, I can ask myself all the questions to reevaluate my life, my choices or seek clarity on a new direction. I take my pen to paper, or more frequently, my thumbs to my Notes app in the phone, and pour out my emotions, thoughts and insights until I’m back on track with the answers I needed.  

The ocean seems to carry out my the weight of my worries, stresses and emotions, take them back out to sea and transmute the energy and recalibrate me wholly! Have you had a similar experience with the ocean?