FIX Letting Go: The Art of Releasing Attachments

You know that feeling when you start to obsess about a relationship, a new job, starting a new business or bringing about something you really want in your life? You can’t seem to focus on anything else. You keep wondering how it will come about...wondering what miracle needs to happen so it actualises into your life. Because sometimes, you want something that’s so massive and obsessing it to come into manifestation instantly. 

Though, this obsessive energy counters it coming to fruition. How so you many wonder? You May think, the more you visualise it , the quicker it will manifest. Use all your senses to see hear and feel it and it will actualise. But it’s not just an obsessive energy that you attach. There’s also a heavy energy interlaced with worry, stress and anxiety if the goal doesn’t come into your life. So while you have a positive goal, it is outweighed heavily by al the concern you also think at the same time, affecting the outcome of the goal. 

The way we can bring about the goal in a healthier way is mapping out the specific actions on how you’re working towards it coming into your life. You have to make changes to be the person who is ready for that goal. Ultimately, you have to imagine it and set it free to whoever you pray to. Let it go. Do you not believe you are worthy for it to come in? Trust destiny to do its thing with timing and match you up to your goal when it’s the perfect moment for you. Timing is out of our control but taking the necessary steps to set us for that timing is what we can influence and take charge of.