Tapping into Telepathy: Unveiling My Intuitive Gifts and Connecting with Others

I’ve built on my intuition over the years, I mean it’s always been there, particularly as a Pisces baby. It took time to trust it and follow through with it though. The more I gave in, the more it revealed itself to me. I realised at some point in this process, that I had a couple more spiritual gifts that seemed to want to surface. One of which was telepathy, although it looked a little different from its normal form. 

An example of how telepathy formed me was when I would think of a particular friend. I would scan their energy field, and really start to embody them within me to make sure they were ok. And within that same day, I would have received a text or call from them, like they knew I was thinking of them. I would do it more frequently to exercise the muscle and gift to become stronger and I still use it to this day.  

As it grew, I started to use it to my advantage, for example, when I had made plans and wasn't up for meeting on the day, I would be thinking I need to cancel. I would say in my mind's eye, "Please cancel". Because I felt obliged and guilty for cancelling, I never wanted to be the person who initiated it. I would start the process from the night before, and maybe 80%+ of the time, the other party cancelled our plans for a variety of reasons. 

It grew even further with a couple of my friends who also know how to use telepathy. When sometimes I couldn’t get in contact with them due to their busy schedules, I would think their name, or I would visualise myself knocking on the front door of their home very strongly, and ask them my question. I would hear their advice on the spot without the follow up of a call. 

Weeks later when we had a chance to meet, I would ask about the day they were giving me advice to make sure I wasn’t crazy having a conversation on my own, and yeah, they admitted to knowing what was happening and that I was in need of help. 

It’s never too late to give your gifts a go. We all have the ability, some stronger than others but we have to trust it, give in to it and try it out over and over until it’s second nature.