FIX From Doubt to Belief: Navigating the Path to Self-Empowerment

In 2013, I completed my studies to become a life coach and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). I was always curious about the mind, how it works, how we all think or perceive differently, and what lead people to carry out certain behaviours. And I had a knack for wanting to help people, just something ingrained in me. 

Until recently, I had massive doubts about myself, my worthiness, my ability in my skill sets for work and general capacity to achieve my dreams. We are conditioned by parents, teachers at schools, bosses in the workplace that perhaps were not good enough. That ae are not compentnent. But with guidance or a good leader to show us the way, how do we improve? Instead, we absorb their words over and over as an inner dialogue and start to believe it to be true. 

And as we do so, we naturally attract more people or situations that replicate the belief for us, further embedding in us that we are not good, not competent or capable. 

It’s a spiral downwards and only lotus elves can pull us out of it. You might get fed up with life not improving and suddenly snap to do something different. You begin telling yourself that you are able to do it and so you begin to see the results slowly. The more you see the evidence and the results of it, the more you rebuild your self esteem and shape your life more positively. 

And to ensure your success, you need to build a supportive environment around you, with positive friends and family who believe in you, even if it is 2-3 of them. Build boundaries around the type of language that is said around you, or about you. Further build your boundaries at work to allow you to grow to new strengths without pulling you down. 

From Doubt to Belief: Navigating the Path to Self-EmpowermentBecome the hero of your journey that keeps aspiring to new strengths and learnings with each goal. Stretch yourself to evolve and of course, make sure you built solidly with the supportive friends family and home environment !