Breaking Barriers: Finding Unwavering Support on Your Journey to Success

For over 10 years now, when I recognise there is something that is holding me back from success, I find I have a deep emotion or heaviness that forms inside my body. I struggle to shift it on my own a lot of the time and I seek out a range of people to help me out. Whether it be a coach, an intuitive healer, a card reader, akashic records session, and goodness knows what else, I’ve thrown myself through a range of modalities to heal aspects of me as they are revealed so I can get back on track.  

A good friend of mine who is an intuitive coach among many other things, Nicole Frolick, was helping me work through some my self-worth with wanting to expose myself in a new light to the world. I’ve not publicly positioned myself with the skill sets I have for a long time because of being shut down over the years by others. I hid myself well and stayed in my shell. But I’m being shoved along my path by this force from within and it’s time. 

She had great advice for stepping into a public arena with content that may prove controversial at some point. She asked me who is in my inner circle that I trust and can tell my deepest dreams to and are supportive of my growth. I made a list of 5 people. She said you need to have a conversation with each one of them and tell them what you’re about to do. Even though they may know, voice your concerns and let you hear them tell you they are backing you 100%. I was skeptic so but when I was vulnerable in sharing the dream, I had some really different conversations and was in a river of tears out of happiness. 

She said when you make such a big change in your life, you need to know you have your closest people in support of you. And you need to hear them say it to you. Because when you do, you’re indestructible. No noise or negative comments from the public will pull you down when you have built a wall of support from your loved ones. 

We always need people in our corner who will champion us. Even if it is one or two people.