FIX Escaping the Grip of Time: Embracing Balance in a Fast-Paced World

The society in which we exist suffocates us in what feels like a pressure cooker. We are overloaded with a thousand tasks to complete and so little time. And with every day that passes, the pressure further increases, and it is as though we are falling even further behind with a mountain of work consuming us and claiming us under it and overcome by its weight. 

Running parallel to tasks and pressures, is time. It seems to travel along at its own pace, unaffected by the chaos, nor people’s looming schedules and deadlines. It can’t be railroaded. It can’t be manipulated. Some days, it can feels like time is taking the Mickey out of us. And mockingly, it surges forward on its own trajectory that seems to influence us as an entire planet. 


Each moment is passing us by. While we are caught in the negative emotions of our list of tasks still incomplete, we are left to wonder if it’s ever going to end. it doesn’t. So we can choose to be upset by it. Hate that it hasn’t slowed down to offer us reprieve and surge forward through it all, one item at a time until it’s all done. Sometimes, we have to look at time and reframe the concept to be out of our control and that it holds no bearing on our lives. Time will always remain in its same form, and it is not something we can change or influence.

Tasks and time will continue along parallel paths, and perhaps each line will travel at different speeds and we just need to neutralise our perception of it.