Escaping the Overwhelm: Reclaiming Time and Pursuing Dreams

Our world is designed to keep us spinning in our errands, never ending to-do lists, without enough hours in the day or week to complete them. It seems to pile on top as every hour passes, and the overwhelming pressure never ceases to waiver.

It’s so easy too, to say yes to friends and family and social events because in this mountainous feeling, you just want to breathe and do something that’s light and helps reduce the stress or anxiety you’re feeling. And so you tether back and forth between these feelings, the tasks, the social calls.

And before you know weeks and months have passed you by. Even years! And you’re left wondering, how is it possible that it I've still not worked towards all that I needed to for me? Perhaps too, as a way to zone out of an evening, you have a glass of wine and wind down with the newest obsession on Netflix. 

But the world is constructed in such a way, to keep us cushioned and comfortable and busy or distracted not to keep track of time. Though, you’re still left with the unsettling feeling that a gap remains between your present position and your goals. Perhaps you’re wondering how long it is going to take you to get there, if it ever will. Again, another added pressure.

All you want to do in that moment is break down crying from the breaking avalanche of tasks, I achieved dreams and time escaped. I’ve experienced it over and over for the last 12 years and you’re left wondering if it is even possible to change at this point. 

Once you’ve cried your rivers, however long it takes you to end up with dry eyes, take a seat with a pen and paper. Write out every block goal or task you have, each associated micro task attached to each of them, prioritise them in urgency and work through one micro task at time. 

Get into the rhythm of the action, gain momentum and see yourself achieving all that was weighing you down. 

And when you receive your next invite for an outing, have a wonder first, if it will assist you on your path to happiness and freedom with you goals and dreams, or it will it leave you drained and deflated?