Life as a Video Game: Navigating Challenges One Level at a Time

Life is like a video game. 

We have to pass one level at a time before we can proceed.

Once a level starts to get more challenging, you fail and fail again. But you keep at it till you finally pass through.  Some levels you breeze through, while others leave you feeling frustrated because it could take you all day to tackle it. These tougher levels require you to take multiple breaks, breathe and restrategise how to overcome the challenge. 


It really is representative of life.

Sometimes we walk through our days with blinkers on, focused and knowing exactly how to navigate it. While other days, we stare at the challenge presented before us, unsure how to navigate it. We may first execute plans A through to C, witness the outcomes, yet it seems to fall flat on it’s face.

When this happens repetitively, hit the pause button. Head outside, breathe in some fresh air and hopefully a new perspective hits you with a clearer mind. We might make a phone call to our nearest and dearest for their opinion and insights and suddenly, it’s triggered a thought to assist us navigate this difficult challenge. 

While we’re determined to excel through one level at a time on our own, at some point, we’re going to need to lean on our friends and family for support and guidance to get us through. Because in life, we don’t operate as a single soul, rather as a family or micro community unit to work together and overcome what’s in front of us. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to help others too so we can move a little quicker, a little smarter through it all. 

But for some, they may forever stay at the level they’re stalling at, stubborn to reach out for assistance. 

Which experience have you chosen until now? Will you consider differently moving forward?