Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel as though you’re not quite you? That you have somehow convinced yourself that you are indeed have a skill set or capability that perhaps doesn’t yet exist with in you?

Or maybe you feel like you’ve traded places with someone else, going through the motions of their life and you’re wondering what the hell you’re doing in that body?


At some point in time, the reality of our life can start to feel heavy, weighing on our minds and souls, and taking a toll on our overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.  We begin to feel this separateness of where our life currently exists and where we dream or envision ourselves to be instead. 

Sometimes it feels like a small gap and a couple tweaks just need to be made to bring the two worlds back into alignment. 

Sometimes, the gap is as wide as the ocean, with no limit in sight. And the wider it grows, the quicker we disassociate from our current life and take up vacancy in this dark corner of our minds. 

It feels like we are suddenly no longer competent at life and the change is out of control, overwhelming and there is no one to guide us to tackle the challenge of what we believe to be the unattainable. 

And the longer we live in a place of inaction, the unhappier we dive into this vast ocean and feel like we’ve lost ourselves. We somehow still need to operate the current life though, having elderly parents dependent on us, work pressures that we are drowning in, kids who are reliant on us to be chirpy and motivational, and a household that still requires our time to maintain. 

The walls feel like they’re closing in, you’re further dissociating yourself from this world that feels like shit, and no idea how to escape or make the change. 

You feel like a stranger inside of your own body and convince the world still, that you are capable and competent. 


But it is no longer who you are, or who you want to be. You want to go into a reality that makes sense for you again and allow your happiness to return. 


It can be overwhelming and challenging but you just need to take the action. Follow through with


writing out what you want the new reality to look like. What does each area of like look like. What do you want the experience to be? Who is there beside you? Who is no longer there? What behaviours have you added? What behaviours or habits have you released?

What has left you feeling this heaviness? What can you change to remove the heaviness? What do you want the heaviness to be replaced with? What does your work day look like from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep? How do you spend your weekend? Who is there with you?

What new hobbies have you wanted to explore and not prioritised? How frequently do you commit to the hobbies realistically?


Write it all out without judgement. Let it flow freely. 

Then prioritise with small wins and some of the easier actions to help you build momentum and prioritise the next action steps of the area you want the first lot of change to occur.