Releasing the Strength in Being Vulnerable & Embracing Authenticity

I had a 2 week period in May 2023, where I broke down and felt lost, I was without hope and thought what’s the point of it all. Of working so much, trying to build a couple new concepts for myself and step out of the norm. Something completely broke me, and I just felt like there was literally nothing more I could do to change it. I started to feel like destiny was screwing me around, and it didn't matter how incredible I am, I was left wondering why life seemed to be swimming against the current for me in most areas of my life.

I started to disappear from my friends. I withdraw from everything and turned inwards. I suppose it's my natural instinct when I get in that lost state. To preface the next insights, I’m a highly emotional person. For a long time, I swung the pendulum between extreme highs and lows and I have never known what a neutral state looked like. It was unfamiliar and a foreign concept. So my friends know me to be this way, and are for the most part, incredible people who know how to ground me now. Not that it’s their job, but my network at the moment is phenomenal. The best I could ever ask for.  

I had friends reaching out to me just to say hi, not realising that I wasn’t doing so well, I didn’t sugar coat my feelings or pivot to talk about something else and distract them, as I would have done in the past. 

They asked, and thought, god what now? Because my mind over the years has been my destructor. 

But I poured out my heart, shared my greatest vulnerable thoughts that I want to have a partner to finally share life with and have a child and life seems not to be matching up. 

I was so surprised at how they had responded to me opening up and sharing my greatest upset at that time, all because I was vulnerable. There is a power in being vulnerable. We’re not superhuman. We are deeply emotional and complex beings and just need love and support at the end of it all. 

You might be surprised if you shared the same with your own inner circle. The deep stuff. I mean sharing the deepest aspect of your souls desires. Give it a go, one friend at a time.