Feeling pressure in your mind’s eye?

I often find that as any day progresses, there is this pressure that builds in my forehead, between my eyes. The tension builds layer upon layer of it’s not released. Sometimes I try to massage it out, but I’ve found the sun to be the most profound healer. 

The morning sun is my saviour, particularly as he season of Spring seems to gracing us with it’s beautiful presence. The morning sun isn’t so strong that it blinds you when your stare towards it. It offers warmth without creating beads of perspiration, and the morning offers a quietness to the day before all the gears of life start to churn. 

For me, it’s feeling that sun as I close my eyes, radiating across my skin, witnessing it peek out from the horizon, further into the sky with the gentleness of the low tide waves washing up on the sand. It’s this moment that relieves the tension built up in my forehead to reset me. 

The specific action of closing the eyes and shutting off one of my senses, allowing the feeling to take the lead, allows for no to fewer thoughts travel through the mind in this moment. 

For those who haven’t an opportunity to sit at the beach, a quiet moment in your home, your starry, the park, wherever the sun radiates without interruption is a prime opportunity to help release that pressure and heaviness to start the day with a clear mind.

For the sun is a beacon of light, not just to bring light to the day, but can help emphasise a clear path to navigate your light, if you’d seek that guidance!