Exploring Different Meditation Techniques: Finding What Works for You

All the back in 2011, I remember when I started my spiritual learning and exploration, I felt overwhelmed by so much information out there. Every spiritual expert had a different outlook on meditation, on evolving and growing as an individual. They each created their own method or system to arrive at a place of enlightenment. But the one system fits all approach has never suited me. Not in school, not in tutoring for languages nor my spiritual journey. I’ve found that I have my own style of learning and absorbing content. I never fit the cookie-cutter approach. Each technique has elements that I like elements but the entire technique or approach has suited me  

Meditation was one of those techniques though that I still dislike today. Sitting there in silence, focused on breathing while trying to quieter the mind, then hearing the mind tell itself to stop thinking while it’s thinking and then stressing that it hasn’t stopped. It sent me into a loop. Then to listening to guided meditations where I hate listen to other peoples voices and the music they overlayed. It all bothers me and leaves me far from a peaceful state. 


I took a step back. Contemplated what the purpose of meditating is and decided it should be a time where you feel stillness. Where no past or future exists. Just a quiet present moment. And then, I found art was for me. When I took up resin, I had still moments because of focused on creating incredible designs and had no space for other thoughts. I find when I sit at the beach and stare out at the ocean, I feel still and grateful at how incredible the body of water is. When I lay down under the warmth of the sun, I have no thoughts but feel the sun radiating through every cell of my body. And each of those small moments, I feel at peace within my mind where I’m not rushing, not reflecting. Just feeling and breathing.

What helps you arrive to that state?