Count me in for 5D!

As more of us are coming aware about the world we live in, the significant changes that are shifting before our very eyes, the buzz concept '5D' or a fifth dimensional reality seems to be all the rage...and rightfully so!


The new earth presented by the elevation of humanity into the 5D dimension timeline is not quite as easy as popping your name down on a waitlist to be accepted in. Neither is it as simple as 'waking up' to what our world truly is. 


The promise of this new timeline of the fifth dimension is a way of the world we have yet to experience here on Earth. It represents a new financial system, the way we work, the expansion of our spiritual gifts that have been granted to us and new technologies to better our lives soon to be revealed to us. 

And it is promising of an incredible new experience, one we crave to experience and finally leave behind the rat race of our current realities.


Though, we cannot enter or experience the 5D world without adjusting ourselves. It is impossible for us to stay the same as we are, and expect to be granted access to what is convincing as utopia.


So, how do we get there?

It's like when you play a video game. You have to succeed through each level in a linear fashion. Candy Crush doesn't allow for level hopping. So, we have to be persistent at the first level. We find it to be a little easy, so too, level two. Then as we proceed to levels three and four, they require a little more work from us. We find that we fail, we need to learn the lesson and APPLY it to proceed to the following level.


For access through the gateways into the timeline of the fifth dimension, we must learn our lessons in life. Sort through our traumas, our limiting beliefs, our looping thoughts that may be holding us back from levelling up. And only once we've shed the skins, do we start to see more of ourselves, uncluttered and untethered from accessing our true potential of our soul path.


Perhaps you'd like to give this a go:

exercise examples....



Until the next thought,

Daniella x