Carry yourself as gently

It seems as our day or week restarts, we already feel the overwhelm of tasks not done, new tasks piling on and forming a mountain that looks ready to avalanche down. The morning routine, our families, pets, work, the phone that never seems to stop pinging and the management of the home seems like a massive rush that repeats day in and day out without a moment of reprieve. 


And yet, as the super women we are, we will work through it all until we collapse into a slumber and make a dent in the mountain before it rebuilds again. 

How did we arrive at this point though? The rush, the forever growing list of things to-do and why must it always be done instantly before we spiral into anxiousness? I mean, is there ever an ending to these tasks that seem to keep our world in order and yet at the same time, pushes us to exhaustion? 


We will never stop it though, for what seems innate within our DNA. But perhaps we could be a little more gentle and instead of staring out the mountain of tasks waiting on completion, perhaps we reflect on the valley of mountains that are already complete and congratulate ourselves for the effort and time put into our progress thus far. Perhaps we take a moment to breathe, enjoy a cuppa in a peacefully bliss moment and remember how far we have come and take it a little easier today on ourselves to recuperate and reset for the next week again.