Rising from the Shadows: Awakening to Your True Potential

I feel as though I'm constantly preoccupied and caught up on the busyness of my day-to-day and somehow, months and years have disappeared and reflect on what I have accomplished to account for that time disappearance.

Can I be honest with you?

The distraction of being busy has kept my attention diverted from own path, watching the nearby lanes and scenery. All of it by design too! I’ve denied the truth until now, but that distraction is no longer what I have mapped out for myself to live and experience moving forward.  

I’m not sure if you’re like me, where I embed myself into these grand dreams and desires for my life that they feel so beyond my wildest dreams, that I don’t bother mapping out the micro actions to work towards. Plus, it requires a different version of me to show up. It means I have to level up, evaluate where I’m leaking time and energy and recalibrate that for the future version of me who achieves these  wild dreams. I have to weigh out my friendships and relationships to work out who is a aligned for the next part of my journey. 

The alternative? I keep playing at the same level. It’s familiar, it’s safe and easy to navigate. A little change is required but I’m not having to uproot all that I know to accelerate myself as forward as my dreams have taken up residence in the atmosphere beyond my grasp. 

I can help others in working towards their goals, helping them reach the stars they want to unite with, while I play my part in the shadows. But it will have an expiry date because we are required to show up for ourselves and lead by example when assisting others on elevating through their own journey. 

The weight of the shadow itself can become daunting at some point. It invites you further in to remember the pain of remaining there by showing you a glimpse of a blinding light and white world which could be your next move. And you’re left to contemplate the options either side.

Will you give in and remain in the shadow or step into what is baiting you towards your grandest dreams?