Awakening Your Intuition: Listening to Your Inner Voice

I remember from a young age having a strong gut feeling. I probably didn’t understand what it was so young, and as a result, I ignored what I was hearing or feeling. I found it challenging to navigate something when it wasn't logical or tangible. It wasn’t easy to understand and it’s not something taught in the schooling system nor by those who raise us, at that time. 

I can't recall what the defining moment was for me when I finally trusted my gut feelings. Maybe it was a number of small occurrences that shook me about until I finally realised its power and how truthful it was. 

I’m generally a pretty good judge of character. It is something innate in me from young. I remember when people would tell me things about themselves, inflate how much they earned, the “important” people they were connected with and how many material things they’ve acquired and feeling like something was off. I was never affected by their storytelling because material things have never impressed me, but I remember thinking, gosh something doesn’t add up with their story. Whether I knew it in that moment when I met them, or another few weeks or months later, the truth always seemed to reveal itself. 

The more I listened to the feeling, the stronger it grew. Then it started to change shape and feel like a kick inside my stomach when I knew I was being lied to. To transforming again into full blow illness in my physical body when I started to go against my intuition. Sometimes, my body would be paralysed.

Once, I remember booking a flight to Denmark to meet a friend who lived there at the time. I never wanted to go. I felt ill thinking about it. But I felt obliged to see my friend and so I went against the feeling and booked this expensive flight. For 7 days straight, I was nauseous. My entire body started to shut down until 7 days later I finally decided to cancel the flight even though I couldn’t get a refund. But, my body was immediately better! 

It starts off as a feeling inside you.

When you feel stuck about a situation or person, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow the feeling to navigate you. Sometimes you don’t know why it’s taking you against what’s logical, but the truth will at some point be revealed to you. The more you trust it, the stronger it grows. Give it a go!