Empathy and Boundaries: Embracing Self-Care in Relationships

I’ve found myself in a pickle of late. It’s been a little while since I’ve arrived here. You see, I’m a natural giver of my time and energy. Count me all in for helping people come out of their negative emotional states to see clarity again and start them back on a path working towards their dreams and goals. Layered too, with my natural skill of empathy, I can feel what others are feeling as if I'm also experiencing it. If people try to hide something from me, I’ve been able to see through the facade they hold up for others, and find they want to divulge it to me and release the emotional flood gates, seeking help or guidance.

I truly want others to succeed, for no other reason than it being good for this planet, our greater consciousness and simply being a great friend to help where we can. I’ve noticed that I can read the emotions and the vulnerabilities, and without judging them, I hold the space to allow anyone to just release all the deep things inside of them that they wouldn’t have voiced to anyone else. 

And I’m so grateful that people feel comfortable with me and trust me to do so to help them along their path. It can be confronting, exhausting and vulnerable and requires trust that they won't be taken advantage of.

What I've noticed is for those who have taken advantage of my time and energy offering to open this vulnerable space repeatedly have not given back over the time in the friendship. And I have finally bid them farewell for now because they don't genuinely want to reciprocate similar support for me and my goals and dreams. I must focus back onto myself because who else will bring my dreams to life for me? 

At this point of my journey, I'm categorising friends or acquaintances as a hinderance or someone in support of my dreams. If you’re in support, you ask me questions about how on track I am and help me soundboard my ideas and actions. You embed yourself in the goal and champion me towards the finish line. 

And if not, you’re a road block and need to be parked off the path and are simply watching it pass by. 

Time is too precious to be offering people a commodity that you will never receive back. Reflect on the output of your own time and energy and make an evaluation of the return on investment of those very commodities - you may surprise yourself!