Soul Contract Reading (60 mins)

Soul Contract Reading (60 mins)

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The last couple years has offered us an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives. To look at our work situations, health, the structure of their day to day lives. 

You may notice that you have reached a tipping point in what you are tolerating about yourself or your life and finally wanting to make a change to start anew.

You may find that you are tethering between your old life that is comfortable and familiar AND the possibility of living out your dreams. Although, you haven’t quite arrived at the point of being definitive on a clear path forward to propel into the promise of new beginnings.

You may reflect on your life thus far and be left with unanswered questions on why certain events or experiences have played out for you. Perhaps even, repetitive patterns that seem to keep you stuck and from evolving.

A soul contract reading will provide you the guidance you seek, the answers to your patterns on repeat and help you understand what your soul is ultimately destined to experience.

A soul contract reading will outline:

  • Your Soul Destiny
  • Your Talents
  • Your Goals 
  • Your Karma

There are no coincidences in your life. Your life is literally playing out by the design of your name per your birth certificate (wrong spelling and all!).

And even when so many of us have experienced some truly traumatic situations, there was a reason for it to ultimately assist you with evolving into your soul destiny.

This modality is one of the most accurate I’ve experienced in deciphering what we are destined for, for describing my traits as a person and repetitive patterns that have occurred in my own life. 

How is this modality so accurate? 

Your soul contract chart is created by the phonetics of your name given to you, per your birth certificate. The numbers allocated to your name, based on an ancient numeric system, reveal your true essence and assist in navigating you towards what you ultimately destined for in this life, should you choose to make that commitment. 

I had a reading in 2022 with a practitioner in the US who recently launched a course on how to read the chart and understand the purity of this divine work, and I jumped straight in without a second thought.

At the time of my reading, I remember it offering me a feeling of elation, confirmation on elements I knew or felt about myself and an understanding of where my soul is destined, if I choose to commit to the path.





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